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Branding is the core aspect and primary weapon from the arsenal of any business for increasing the market value of products or services. Your brand is a promise to customers which gives them multiple reasons for paying the extra charge for your product or service when compared to your competitor’s unbranded product or service of the same magnitude and quality.

Your brand is the perception of customers which let them imagine who you are and where you stand in the world market. The foundation pillars of your brands are your Name, Logo, Website, and Packaging & Promotional material.

Brand Strategy & Brand Equity:

Brand Strategy is the ways of communicating and delivering the brand message to the target audience. It involves how you communicate, what is the way of communication, where you are promoting the brand, what is the timing of promotion, who is your brand ambassador and what is your target audience.

Carefully planned Brand strategy allows you to increase the brand equity for your product which in turn allows you to charge more for identical but unbranded product or service of the competitor.

Brand Equity is the positive differential effect created by your brand promotion on customer response to your product or service. It is the fundamental of the brand evaluation i.e. estimation of the financial value of the brand.

Perks of High Brand Equity are:

  • Strong recognition and perception from consumer.
  • Substantial Brand Loyalty and allegiance
  • Supremacy in price competition
  • Overshadowing the competitors
  • Repetitive purchase without major reconsideration
  • Instills People’s Faith in your brand

How to Define Brand:

Careful study and research should be carried out to know the audience market for defining your brand properly. Your brand should reflect your company’s Vision & Mission, Benefits and features of products or services, what qualities and perception of customers you want to associate with your company.

Brand Promotion:

Strategically and carefully promoted brand will reap the benefit and will result in flourishing the business altogether. Brand strategy will include the following steps:

  • Getting a marvelous logo as brand identity.
  • Brand messaging and attributes entrenching
  • Brand integration and amalgamation in business
  • Brand ambassador
  • Business Tagline
  • Marketing material
  • Truthfulness on brand promise
  • Consistency

Every employee in your company represents your brand and his acts affect the perception of the brand.

Other aids which speed up your brand promotion are:

  • Elegant Business card
  • Uncluttered Website Design
  • Target Based Email Marketing
  • Geo-Targeted Advertising
  • Designing Marvels in the form of Brochures and sales sheets
  • Strong Present in Tradeshow
  • Perfect staff at reception
  • Quality Sales team

Branding Services @ Traffic Wonders:

  • Identity and Logo Design
  • Brand Strategy & Brand Development
  • Targeted Communication Strategy
  • Naming Strategy for Corporate and Brands
  • Catchy Slogans and Tagline
  • Sales & Promotional Aids Design
  • Digital & Printed Media Design