5 Secrets of Getting Organic and Free Website Traffic 

Every business needs a website for capturing the global audience and every website needs conversion in order to make sales and generate revenue. To get optimum conversion from your website, your prime requirement is Website Traffic. The more people visit your website, there are more chances of them getting converted into the sale. Thus, your sales chart will keep showing spikes and your revenue will keep multiplying every year.

Before we, at Traffic Wonders, talk about website traffic, we need to target particular group of interests and people as your Target Audience, who are our potential customers or clients.

Website traffic could be paid traffic as well as free traffic, also called as Organic traffic. Getting paid traffic requires lot of investment upfront and the moment you stop investing in advertising, your Traffic source will stop suddenly. On the other hand, Organic traffic is the way to go for long run, as its free of cost and last for long time, sometime lasts for years to come, if the traffic source is created with proper research and special dedication.

5 Secrets of generating Organic Traffic are essentially the golden rules, which need to be followed, if you are serious about your online business reputation.

  1. Content Creation: Powerful, persuasive, fresh, unique, highly targeted, eyeballs grabbing are the few qualities of the content which generate the most strong Traffic Source for years. Provide your readers a good reason to come to your blog. Make sure that each and every post your write, solves some problems and issues of your Target Audience. Select the Topics based on the specific requirements of your target audience.
  2. Tracking and Analysis: Track your existing web traffic channels and analyze the competitors. The second secret revolves around the keyword research and competition spying. Find out the best keywords which are sending you the traffic and spy the competitor for the keywords which are performing best. Target the competitor’s keywords which are having high volumes but low competition.
  3. Create a brand: Make sure that you are well received on social media and your brand has certain fan following from your targeted market sector. Brand could be anything, your product, your services or your personality. Social media presence is essentially a direct link between your brand and your target audience.
  4. Backlink Strategy: You will get Organic Traffic from search engines, and Google is the traffic monster, right now. Your website needs authentication from Google to the people searching for solutions, that you are the solution to their problems. Google needs authentication from several trusted sites and sources, that you are the solution to a certain problem. Thus, having backlinks from trusted and established giants in the industry are the game changers, for getting better results in search engines and make yourself visible among your target market.
  5. Positive Reputation: “Word of mouth” is an exceptionally powerful channel which is existing since time immortal. It has everything which a brand needs for positive reputation. It instils Trust, sense of satisfaction, peace of mind and reliability when certain market sector spread positive WORDS about your business. There are marketers out there in the open world who are having great fan following and are regularly providing guidance to their followers. They can do all the wonders, which word of mouth can do for you.

Lastly, to make sure that you are working your way up, to a higher traffic peak, you must keep yourself CONSISTENT. Keep in mind that Success is hidden in imperfect but consistent efforts.

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