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eCommerce business is all about generating new streams of revenue and capturing online market where competition is fierce and building trust among the perception of the consumer is really tough. Buying decision of the consumer is totally dependent on the functionality & design of the website and the brand equity of the product. Consumer usually tries different products or services depending on their brand value, but it’s the end-user Experience, which bring them back to the same store or same brand repeatedly.

At Traffic Wonders, we don’t just build websites, we create the Experience. We weave the web with the cutting edge technology to provide the best and consistent end-to-end user experience and bring in lots of functionality to the website. We make the purchasing process so easy that even novice Netizen can handle the website effectively and order the product of their choice.

eCommerce portals

eCommerce portals

8 Major eCommerce Disasters:

While finalizing your eCommerce venture setup online, you must avoid few mistakes:

  • User Experience Inconsistency and Fragmentation
  • Complex user interface
  • Improper Cross sell and up-sell strategy
  • Inadequacy & lack of influence by business personnel
  • Limited and/or insecure payment gateway options
  • Inaccessible online/offline support
  • Taxation issues
  • Lack of shipment tracking

At Traffic Wonders, we make sure that you don’t face the above mentioned issues in your website and enjoy the premium Design and Functionality with proper management of the product, categories & vendors, shipping options & tracking, sales tax, sales reports and other features integrated within your online portal. Our vision is to provide secure, comprehensive, flexible and result oriented eCommerce solution with all the integrated functionalities which are essential to maintain a thriving and revenue generating business online.